Listen to NNV

Below you will find select audio and video from our past performances for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

From our January 30, 2016 concert, Journeys:

That Lonesome Road — Words and Music (1981) by James Taylor (b.1948) and Don Grolnick (1947-1996) Arranged by Simon Carrington (b.1942)

Jabberwocky – Composed 1972 by Sam Pottle (1934-1978) Poetry by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898),  

Naalah — Naalah (Cry of Grief) Urdu text by Persian poet Mirza Ghalib (1797-1869) Music by Joshua Shank (b.1980)

Mad World — Composed 1982 by Rolad Orzabal (b.1961) with the band Tears for Fears Arranged by Ethan Lobenstine  


From our March 30, 2014 concert:

Soleils couchants — Robert Ingari (Quebec, Canada) 

Shenandoah — Arr. James Erb 

Mozart Requiem, ed. Robert Levin: 14b. Cum sanctis tuis 


From our November 2, 2013 concert:

Margarita — Words and Music by Harvey Andrews, arr. Adam Adler

On We Go — Words and Music by Nancy McCallion, trans./ed. Adam Adler