1) IF YOU WERE ABSENT last Wednesday: We did a TON of music learning, and with only 3 weeks to go we don’t have time to re-teach. At all. Seriously! SO, go to the Choristers’ Page and listen to the recordings that I posted in lieu of a FB Live post (since FB was down during the rehearsal).

2) HOMEWORK: We may be dropping I Got Rhythm, unless the other stuff comes together next week so well that we’re left with time. I’m hoping that we don’t have to cut it; we’ll know by the retreat. For this week, focus on getting everything else note-learned. The big push next week will be to learn the remainder of Sing Me To Heaven, If Music Be The Food Of Love, and Its A Musical. Sopranos — get the syllables for Bruremarsj memorized by segment, as it’s easier than trying to read it while singing. Same for Women’s Ensemble for Reel.

2) RETREAT: Saturday March 23, at Laurentian Wesleyan Church on McKay, off Trout Lake Road. 9:00am for coffee and carbs, 9:30 start, going to 3:30. Since we won’t have access to the downstairs until after lunch, bring a bag lunch with you and we’ll eat in the lobby and the sanctuary. Please leave the parking spots out front of the church free for their people with mobility issues.

3) SMALL ENSEMBLES, ETC.: We need to firm up the list. If you haven’t yet spoken to me, I am assuming you’re not doing something. If you have spoken to me, I need all of the info on it for the program — Title, and what it’s from if from a larger work, composer and text author. I’ll also want to start hearing people next week and the week after at the latest to make sure people are “ready”. I am also available to listen and give feedback by appointment. There are sign-up sheets for time with Marilyn over the next few Wednesdays and Thursdays. FYI people who signed up for the 6:00-7:00 slot before rehearsals, if you are in Ray’s things there is a scheduling conflict so you may need to re-sign for a different time.

4) PROGRAMME ADS: We’re still looking for concert sponsorships to help pay for all of this (and for the previous concert!), for which businesses get an ad in the programme. I’ll need programme copy (Logos, finished ads in PDF, etc) by March 29. Donations from people in the community are also still welcome, for which they get a tax receipt from the university.

Soprano’s Please meet @ 6:30 Wed. before choir for some work on Reel a Bouche. Thanks.


Online Registration is active and ready for registering. Returning members are encouraged to register online prior to rehearsal. New members are asked to wait until attending a full rehearsal before registering. Follow this link:

Information for Choristers has been updated. Click here to download it:
NNV Info for Members, 2018-2019 v2

Music PDFs and Listening Files are now available on the Choristers’ Page. If people could have a listen and look/review through the Kol Nidre that would be hugely helpful. Listening files for Messiah are via 3 suggested websites that already have midi files up for each movement.

Messiah Scores: We will be using the Watkins-Shaw/Novello (orange) edition. If you have your own and would like to use it, please bring it to rehearsal.

Concert Audio and Video from our concert Northern Lights is now available. I’ve posted a link on our Choristers’ Page.



START OF SEASON CONFIRMED: The good news is that we have our rehearsal rooms for the first term, at least, minus the exam period (and I’ll be working on getting that booked too!!). So WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5 is our start date, on campus. Meet-and-greet and newbie orientation with refreshments starting at 6:00, rehearsal starts at 7:00. Members are invited to bring a nosh for the meet-and-greet.

RECRUITING: I’m asking everyone to do some recruiting, both person-to-person, sharing on Facebook, and putting up posters. Basses are particularly needed, as that’s where we’ve had the most members graduate. I will have posters available hopefully by end of day tomorrow, and I’ll leave some on the table outside the music room, along with recruiting magnets, for people to pick up and post as you are able. I’ve attached digital posters and such to this email to be shared electronically. I will create an event on our FB Page, so please share that once it’s available. Word-of-mouth and digital word-of-mouth are our best recruiting tools!


We have a Facebook Group that is a great way to communicate with people within the choir. If you are on FB, please search and join, like it and link news to your own page.

We also have a public Facebook Page where we post concert announcements and information for the community: