From Adam:
CANADORE FACULTY STRIKE: The faculty at Ontario’s community colleges are on strike. Picket lines have been set up at the north and south entrances to the main campus. This will definitely delay traffic into campus (they’ll likely be done by the time choir is done), particularly around the times that people are coming in for each class (so typically prior to 8:30, 10:30, 12:30, 3:30, 6:30). Please leave extra time to get to choir — at least an extra half hour. My suggestion is to come up Thibeau hill and across Cedar Heights Drive and use the north entrance, as this is a right-turn into campus and thus avoids making a left at the dodgy intersection by the south entrance. Please be polite to the picketers if they try to speak to you; nod and smile. And if you want a sure-fire way to get through quickly, bring a box of donuts or other snacks or a bunch of tea and coffees to give to them when you stop; they’ll wave you right through!!

MARK YOUR SCORES!!: Adam has posted a document with recommendations for how to cut up Dark Night and part of Luminous Night into segments and phrases to make it easier to read/follow/keep track. It’s on the Chorister’s Page in the Dark Night of the Soul area. I highly recommend people get this done before next rehearsal. Also, if you’ve missed any rehearsals, do listen to them on Facebook to get your other score markings, as having to re-explain and re-teach every week is slowing us down hugely.
For tenors and altos who are still confused on p.26 of Dark Night, Adam has purchased several rolls of music staff tape so people can tape over the problem bars and write in just your notes. I’ll bring the tape to rehearsal on Wednesday.

Dark Night of the Soul: Review mm.175-191; Look/listen ahead, Beginning to m.130
Luminous Night of the Soul: pp.30-48. mark your line on each page and familiarize yourself with when you have melody and when you have accompaniment.
I Sing You Sing: Review all of the choruses, as each one is a different length and may have different stuff in some parts (mm.1-9, 21-37, 49-55, 69-end); Look/listen ahead, 56-68 (bridges 2 choruses, has some odd chromatic do-dads.
El Hambo: Review pp.4-6, 7-42
Heyr þú oss himnum á: Spend some time reading the text as poetry (soprano line has more than everyone else, so read that). The ends of each line rhyme! I’ve put a sound file of me reading it on the Chorister’s Page.

From Ray:
Tenor/ Bass Sectional, Sunday Oct 22 at 7:00 pm, Nipissing University music room

From Belle:
A request for the Altos: Please complete the Doodle Poll of sectional times before Wednesday’s practice. ☺


The Whispering River Orchestra and Choir in Parry Sound (Cassie Horley’s “other” choir) is desperate for replacement tenors for a performance on Sunday October 22, celebrating the 200th year of the Baha’i. This is an opportunity to sing new music by Carol Ann Weaver and two pieces from the Messiah with a chamber orchestra of good cheer and blossoming talent. It would be a case of sight reading and attending the Saturday and Sunday rehearsals for the Sunday evening performance. They can offer travel money and can provide billets if people want to stay overnight Saturday or even Sunday evening. Also, Cassie will be driving there and back. If you are interested in helping them, call Cassie at 705 203 0577 or email her at, or call their artistic director Brenda at 905 960 9281.

Sudbury Opera Gala: With a side of Broadway
Tickets $20 , Saturday Nov 4 at 7:00pm, St. Andrew’s on Larch St. in Sudbury;
Saturday Nov 5 at 2:30 pm, St. Andrews on Larch St. in Sudbury.

Bucket List Cabaret: In support of CanDo theatre; Sunday Nov 12 at Widdifield, $10

ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association) presents:
New Grand Piano Showcase Concert
featuring Anastasia Rizikov, Internationally renowned 18 year old Canadian pianist.
Saturday, October 28, 2017, 7 p.m. at Calvin Presbyterian Church, North Bay
$20 adult, $10 student, $5 children 5-12 years and under
to purchase, contact:, any North Bay Branch ORMTA member at, or at the door.



  1. We achieved a LOT at our retreat on Saturday. We rolled out Dark Night of the Soul, Luminous Night of the Soul, and Blazhen Muzh, as well as Visa Fran Yarna for the women, and Keep Your Lamps for the men.IF YOU MISSED THE RETREAT you need to review the rehearsal recordings on Facebook before next rehearsal, to (a) do some note learning, and (b) get the tons of score markings into your scores. It really slows things down in rehearsals when Adam or your neighbours have to repeat detailed score markings, so please get on this asap. The score markings in Dark Night of the Soul are particularly important, as they are needed to help you when you’re trying to follow along while listening and in rehearsal.
  2. Some confusion arose around the Tenor 2 part in Dark Night of the Soul, mm.170-174. Clarification has been posted in a document on the Choristers’ Page in the Dark Night section.
  3. Belle will be switching out the temp folders (the ones where everything is a photocopy) with the permanent/real folders (the ones where as much music as possible is hard-copy original). We have 50 permanent/real folders; if yours (a) has a number above 50, and/or (b) only has copies in it, please see Belle before or after rehearsal or at break. People will be allowed to keep both folders for a week to be able to transfer over your score markings.


From Adam:

Practice Materials: PDFs and Performance audio for all of our repertoire, and individual part listening files for most of our repertoire, have now been posted to the Choristers’ Page. If you have forgotten the password and didn’t get an information package in the first rehearsal, contact us.

Rehearsals now on FB Live: Remote participation in rehearsals for folks who are on the road will now be through Facebook Live (with some exceptions, where Skype can still be used). If you missed rehearsal, you can find the recording posted to our Facebook Members’ Group. We’re still trying to figure out how to give access to people who aren’t on Facebook. In the meantime, if you’re not on Facebook yet, this would be a good time to sign up; you can customize your personal page so that nobody can see it or look it up, but you’d still be able to access everything on FB.


Announcing the repertoire for our January 2018 concert:
(You can click on each title for a link to a YouTube video)


  • Our first rehearsal of 2017-2018 will be on Wednesday September 6 in Room F210 off the front lobby of Nipissing University. Meet-and-greet and refreshments, orientation, range and pitching checks for new members begin at 6:00 p.m., and our rehearsal begins at 7:00. Bring a pencil and a sense of humour. Returning and new/prospective Consecutive Education students: We look forward to welcoming you on September 11. Membership in Near North Voices is open to students, staff and faculty at Nipissing University and Canadore College, as well as to members of the North Bay and area community. Choral Scholarships are available to qualified high school students. For more information, see our About Us, Listen to NNV, and Contact Us pages.
  • A reminder about parking:  Paid/permit parking on campus is now enforced until 11:00 p.m. Community members and anyone who doesn’t hold a permit will have to park in the central visitors’ lot and pay at the machine.


Video of our January 21 concert is now available, in addition to the audio that’s been available for some time. The links to access these are on our Secure Listening and Viewing page. If you forgot the password, pm Adam.


Off-season Choir pub @ Casey’s begins tonight, 8:00 p.m. Check/post in our FB group if you want to see who is going in any given week; there is always a core group attending.

The minutes of the AG meeting on Friday March 10 have been posted to the Choristers’ Page, “Important Documents for Members” section near the top of the page.

When you are Skyping in: Please set up a connection with Miao by the morning of the rehearsal at the latest. You need to have a Skype account, and know your “skype name” to send to Miao so she can add you as a contact in advance. If you have questions, email Miao (


  • Men: Black dress pants and long-sleeve shirt, black socks and dress shoes. Black tie optional. No boots. Blue or brown are NOT black. Please visit an iron prior to the concert.
  • Women: Black dress, or black skirt/pants with black shirt, black hose/socks and dress shoes. Minimum 3/4 length sleeve; skirts/dresses to just above the knee or longer; nothing tight-fitting; no flashy jewelry, no spiky heels or open-toe/open-back shoes.
  • Absolutely no perfume, cologne, body spray, spray-on deodorant, hair spray, scented hair products, scented hand lotions, etc.


From Miao:
Please only use the following address to contact Miao for skyping in:

A reminder about parking:  Paid/permit parking is now enforced until 11:00 p.m. Community members and anyone who doesn’t hold a permit will have to park in the central visitors’ lot and pay at the machine. People are encouraged to carpool either from home or by meeting up at the plaza(s) on McKeown, and can use the NNV Members’ Group on Facebook to offer/solicit rides. If the cost of parking is a financial challenge to your participation, please let the artistic director or assistant director know asap.


  1. SKYPE/GOOGLE: Miao Chen has returned to us for the time being and is willing to act as the “go-to” person for following along at home if you can’t make a rehearsal. (yay Miao!) Please email her at for more information on how to do this. NOTE: If you choose this route, please email her well in advance of the rehearsal. It’s straightforward, but please don’t make her scramble at the last minute.
  2. RIDES: If anyone needs rides, or advice on anything, don’t hesitate to ask to join the Near North Voices Members Group on Facebook. (search Near North Voices Members Group). The page is now private.

PC/Windows Users — If you have a laptop and are experiencing difficulties, UTS (University Technology Services) have said they are willing to have a look, for any members of our choir. Room A139. You might want to call first, 705-474-3450, x.4342 or email

We have a Facebook Group that is a great way to communicate with people within the choir. If you are on FB, please search and join, like it and link news to your own page.

We also have a public Facebook Page where we post concert announcements and information for the community: