FROM ADAM: A reminder that our synagogue gig is on Tuesday the 18th of September. For those singing, please arrive BY 5:45 to get placed and do a run through of the music. Bring your synagogue music and your black folder if you have one; loaner folders will be available. Dress is all black as per our member info sheet. Volunteers are needed to help move the digital piano back to campus after the service. Please let Adam know if you can help.

FROM WENDA ( membership): Wed, Sept 19 is rehearsal three, so everyone needs to finalize their membership by submitting their registration and fees. If you have paid in person or online, your receipts will be ready this Wed. If you have not paid, it’s time to do so! All members should now be registered using the online registration form; the link is available on our secure Choristers’ Page, and you can find the password at the top of the first page of the Member Info sheet that was handed out in rehearsal. This is how we get your email for announcements etc – so this is an important step! If you haven’t completed this, it’s time to do so! Thank you.

FROM MATTI (Community Announcement): Helen Whitehead is having a showing of her art at the Alex Dufresne Gallery at 107 Lansdowne St. E. in Callander until October 27th. She is a well known local artist and she does some wonderful work. You may not know that Matthew Whitehead who has accompanied us on percussion is her son. I encourage all choir members and others to go see her work!



Great first two rehearsals, folks!  For our first few weeks our focus will be on orienting new people, slowly rolling out our concert rep, and getting our synagogue music refreshed and learned (there’s one new piece that will be posted today).  Also a reminder, the synagogue gig is a paid gig for us and so is a great way to use our talents to raise operating funds, so please pen that into your calendars as a commitment.

There are now listening files (in zip file format for easier downloading) for Messiah, with actual human voices singing and with each voice part emphasized, now posted to our Choristers’ Page. Please note that word/syllable settings can vary between editions, so there may be some slight differences with our edition.

Our first retreat is presently scheduled for September 29. At our rehearsal on the 19th, I’ll be looking to pin down who is planning/not planning on attending the retreat (the idea being that it’s not an optional “frill” but that it’s an important part of our process as an advanced musical ensemble). If we don’t have critical mass, then it’s not worth proceeding because we just end up back to square one the following Wednesday. The more we can front-end-load our learning this term, the less stressed we’ll be come concert time, and the more time we can start devoting to preparing music for our second concert. So please have a look at your calendars and do some marking in pen.

FROM WENDA (Membership):
For all new members- we hope you enjoyed last week! To officially become a member, please complete the online registration and pay your membership fee ($80 for community members, $40 for students) and music deposit ($25). You can pay by e-transfer, cash or cheque. See the membership information handout for details on this, or talk to me on Wednesday if you have any questions at all. For returning members – Same goes for you – please pay your fees and complete the registration form. Come see me if you can’t remember if you ‘carried over’ your music deposit from last year or not.
Thank you!

FROM BELLE (Librarian):
Once dues are paid you are encouraged to take your music home. If you were sharing a music folder, there is one ready for you now.


Online Registration is active and ready for registering. Returning members are encouraged to register online prior to rehearsal. New members are asked to wait until attending a full rehearsal before registering. Follow this link:

Information for Choristers has been updated. Click here to download it:
NNV Info for Members, 2018-2019 v1

  • Sunday September 9, 7:30pm: TENTATIVE extra rehearsal on the synagogue music, to be confirmed end of rehearsal on Sept 5
  • Sunday September 16, 7:30: TENTATIVE extra rehearsal on the synagogue music, to be confirmed end of rehearsal on Sept 12
  • Tuesday September 18: Erev Yom Kippur Service at Sons of Jacob Synagogue downtown; 5:45 call for warm-up. Service starts at 7:00. Dress is all black.

Music PDFs and Listening Files are now available on the Choristers’ Page. If people could have a listen and look/review through the Kol Nidre that would be hugely helpful. Listening files for Messiah are via 3 suggested websites that already have midi files up for each movement.

Messiah Scores: We will be using the Watkins-Shaw/Novello (orange) edition. If you have your own and would like to use it, please bring it to rehearsal.

Concert Audio and Video from our concert Northern Lights is now available. I’ve posted a link on our Choristers’ Page.



START OF SEASON CONFIRMED: The good news is that we have our rehearsal rooms for the first term, at least, minus the exam period (and I’ll be working on getting that booked too!!). So WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 5 is our start date, on campus. Meet-and-greet and newbie orientation with refreshments starting at 6:00, rehearsal starts at 7:00. Members are invited to bring a nosh for the meet-and-greet.

RECRUITING: I’m asking everyone to do some recruiting, both person-to-person, sharing on Facebook, and putting up posters. Basses are particularly needed, as that’s where we’ve had the most members graduate. I will have posters available hopefully by end of day tomorrow, and I’ll leave some on the table outside the music room, along with recruiting magnets, for people to pick up and post as you are able. I’ve attached digital posters and such to this email to be shared electronically. I will create an event on our FB Page, so please share that once it’s available. Word-of-mouth and digital word-of-mouth are our best recruiting tools!


We have a Facebook Group that is a great way to communicate with people within the choir. If you are on FB, please search and join, like it and link news to your own page.

We also have a public Facebook Page where we post concert announcements and information for the community: