A reminder that our rehearsals on May 3 and May 10 are at Trinity United Church. Please enter via the McIntyre Street door, and proceed upstairs to the Sanctuary. If it is particularly rainy out, please consider bringing indoor footwear to wear into the Sanctuary. As this is a much bigger building than the synagogue, please allow time for all of this. There will be a seating chart available when you arrive.

What to practice this week:  You’ll each know what you are still struggling with, so please do some part listening and/or work at a keyboard. In a pinch, Adam can work with individuals on campus (he’s already booked for a lesson prior to rehearsal on the 3rd).

Posters for our May 13 concert are now available for sharing online. Hard copies will be available for pickup at rehearsal this coming Wednesday. For a printable PDF, click here: NNV Poster cropped letter landscape 04-2023.    

For a shareable JPEG (small size) click the image to the left.

Admission for this concert will be at the door; no advance ticket sales. If anyone knows someone to whom we should be giving a comp ticket, please let Adam know.


We have a Facebook Group that is a great way to communicate with people within the choir. If you are on FB, please search and join, like it and link news to your own page.

We also have a public Facebook Page where we post concert announcements and information for the community: